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Sushi is certainly the greatest ambassador of Japanese gastronomy abroad. Who among you has never tasted, seen or even heard of the famous Japanese sushi? Tasty and rich in nutritional benefits, sushi is mainly made of rice. That’s why your famous Italian brand, Probios, has come up with its delicious Riso per sushi!
With Probios sushi rice, you can now make sushi at home that is worthy of the finest Japanese restaurants. Whether you want to prepare maki, enjoy tasty nigiri or chirashi, with Probios organic sushi rice, you have everything you need to do so!  To give more taste to your sushi made from Probios white rice, it is necessary to escort them with vinegar, noris, miso sauce and also according to your convenience with a little wasabi…
As garnish, you can take mackerel, tuna, shrimps, or salmon. You will have understood… raw fish is the garnish used to make tasty sushi. Now you can enjoy your Probios sushi rice without moderation!

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