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Don’t miss this naturally fermented soy and wheat sauce. This 500ml condiment with a really mild taste is very rich in minerals (potassium, phosphorus) and protein, which makes it a food with great nutritional value. It is therefore no accident that shoyu has been voted the king of condiments in Japan. Composed of fermented soy and wheat, it is an indisputable source of trace elements such as selenium or chromium. It also procures a lactic acid that is very useful for digestion because of the fermentation process it undergoes. Incidentally, shoyu is an organic food that is perfectly suited to all cuisines and whose use is not limited only to seasoning. In fact, it also serves to enhance the natural taste of ingredients by relying on the aromatic components acquired during fermentation. To fully enjoy its aroma, it is best added at the end of cooking.

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Aspergillus, Sea Salt, Soy, Wheat


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